Ode Three

Kontakion 3

Good and beautiful it is for brethren to dwell together in unity and to love one another, as Thou didst command us, O our Saviour, for he who is angry with his brother is a murderer. But I in my wrath have surpassed all those ever born on earth, even murderers whose victims of different ages and times were slain for various reasons; because I, the wretched one, deprived of life those who had only just received their time of life from Thee, the Giver of Life, and in my madness mercilessly took away their life while they were still in my womb, with no fear of God, and rejecting Thy will and the gift of childbearing blessed by Thee. I willfully pulled out of Thy creating hands my innocent children and was not ashamed to slay them before Thine eyes. But their lot is in Thy right Hand, O Lord, and my sin is ever before me. To Thee alone do I repent, and I pray Thee, O Good One, direct my steps on the path of penitence, so that with all repentant sinners I may sing to Thee: Alleluia.

Ikos 3

Thou who alone knowest human frailty knowest also all my sinful falls. Remember not the sins of my youth, and cleanse me from my secret sins as I cry to Thee:

Have mercy on me, a great sinner.
Have mercy on me, a transgressor of God’s law.
Have mercy on me, a violator of Thy testament.
Have mercy on me who come to Thee in repentance at the eleventh hour.
Have mercy on me, the wretched slayer of children.
O Lord, my Lord, my joy, have mercy on me who am fallen.