“Twenty-nine years have passed since I made the terrible decision to end my pregnancy through abortion.”

Abortion ended the life of my innocent baby and nearly destroyed my life as well.

The world tells us abortion is a choice we have a right to make. It isn’t. It is the murder of a unique human being created by God, who, at the time of conception, is complete with a body and soul.

Last year I began the healing of my soul through repentance, confession, and baptism in the Holy Orthodox Church. The powerful words of this Akathist have helped me to more fully express my grief and repentance to God. It is a prayer that I will say for the rest of my earthly life.

While I still have many tears for the loss of my innocent child, my tears remind me that I am loved by an all-compassionate and merciful God whose love for us is beyond our comprehension. The time to repent for our sins is in this lifetime. There is no repentance after we die; we must reconcile ourselves to God now.

This website is offered to the millions of women around the world who have had an abortion, and those men and other family members who may have encouraged it, as well as for those doctors and attendants involved in the abortion industry. It is for all who want to heal their precious souls and return to their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Avail yourself of the healing words of this powerful Akathist of Repentance for One Who Has Aborted a Child presented with a blessing from St. Paisius Orthodox Monastery, Safford, Arizona.

May God bless you with healing and peace as you return to Him.

~ Evangelia