Ode Eight

Kontakion 8

Spare me, O Lord my Saviour, O Thou Who came into the world to save sinners of whom I am worst of all, but I entreat Thee, O my All-compassionate God, incline Thy heart of mercy, hearken to the groanings of my heart, accept my flowing springs of tears, the fervent prayers of my soul, O my beloved Saviour, so that I may sing to Thee: Alleluia.

Ikos 8

Evil thoughts like robbers attacked me while my conscience slept-woe is me! for my sins I have been deprived of the radiant vesture given me at my Baptism. I committed the murder of my children and have remained stripped of virtue, but I try hard to raise mine eyes on high-cast down because of the multitude of the cruel deeds committed before Thee, O Lord-and I cry out thus to Thee:

Have mercy on me who have committed a mortal sin.
Have mercy on me who up till now have persisted in sins.
Have mercy on me who am filled with every kind of evil.
Have mercy on me who am stained with iniquities contrary to nature.
Have mercy on me who have not preserved the purity of my virginity.
Have mercy on me for I have deprived myself of pious motherhood.
Have mercy on me who have cast my children out of the womb before the fullness of their time.
O Lord, my Lord, my joy, have mercy on me who am fallen.