Ode Two

 Kontakion 2

O All-merciful Master, how can I, such an abominable sinner, dare to come to Thee with my prayer, after having broken Thy commandment which Thou gavest me through Thy prophet Moses: Thou shalt not kill. But I am a murderer, and alas a hundred times more cruel than even the serpent which at least allows its offspring to see the light for a short while before devouring them. But I, the wretched one, have mercilessly deprived my children not only of the physical light but even more of the true Light, our Lord Jesus Christ, Who grants illumination through the Mystery of Baptism; and, to avoid having many children for the sake of temporal bodily rest, I slew them while they were still in my womb. Wherefore, darkened by these and and countless other sins, I hope only in the mercy of Thy compassion and with boldness cry to Thee: Alleluia.

Ikos 2

I have disdained Thy words of life, O Lord, and have walked according to the desires of mine own heart from my youth up to this very day, but now in repentance I cry to Thee, O mine All-compassionate Saviour:

Have mercy on me who was conceived in iniquities.
Have mercy on me who was born in sins.
Have mercy on me who have not kept Thy commandments.
Have mercy on me who have been deprived of Thy grace.
Have mercy on me who take no care for my salvation.
Have mercy on me who am caught in the net of the passions.
O Lord, my Lord, my joy, have mercy on me who am fallen.