Ode Twelve

Kontakion 12

With the breadth of Thy love, O my God, cover all the sins of my transgressions, accepting my repentance, so that in love for Thee I may ever cry: Alleluia.

Ikos 12

I have passed my youth in senselessness and wasted all my life in sins, in slothfulness and disregard of repentance; but mine old age, through fear of death and Thine inescapable Judgement, has brought me to repentance. Reject me not, O my Saviour, who even at the eleventh hour have come to Thy Fatherly embrace, crying out in repentance:

Have mercy on me, for the blood of mine innocent children cries to Thee, bearing witness to my having slain them.
Have mercy on me, O my God Triune in Nature; have mercy on me, O Lord Who art most wondrous in compassion.
Have mercy on me, O Master, Who art longsuffering concerning our transgressions.
Have mercy on me, O Holy King, Who healest our infirmities.
Have mercy on me, O Thou Who art abundant in love, Who with Thy love warmest even despairing sinners.
Have mercy on me, O Almighty, Who hast borne our infirmities.
O Lord, my Lord, my joy, have mercy on me, who am fallen.