First Prayer

O Master, Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God! Who out of Thy most great goodness, for the sake of us men and for our salvation, hast been clothed in flesh and been crucified and buried, and Who by Thy Blood has renewed our nature which had become corrupt: receive my repentance for my sins and hear my words: I have sinned, O Lord, against heaven and before Thee, in word and deed, in soul and body, and in the thoughts of my mind; I have transgressed Thy Commandments, I have not obeyed Thine injunction, I have angered Thy goodness, O my God; but because I am Thy creation I despair not of salvation and dare to draw near to Thy boundless compassion and pray to Thee: O Lord! Grant me in repentance a contrite heart, receive me as I pray and grant me a good thought; grant me the resolve to confess my sins, grant me tears of compunction, O Lord; grant me by Thy grace to make a good beginning. Have mercy on me, O God, have mercy on me who am fallen, and remember me, Thy sinful servant, in Thy Kingdom, now and ever and unto the ages of ages. Amen.

Another Prayer

O God, O Christ Jesus Most Compassionate, O Redeemer of sinners: for the salvation of mankind Thou, O All-merciful One, didst leave the all-glorious heavens and come to dwell in this vale of sorrows and many sins; Thou didst take upon Thy Divine shoulders our weaknesses and didst bear our infirmities; Thou, O Holy Sufferer, wast wounded for our sins and tortured for our transgressions; therefore, to Thee, O Lover of mankind, even we raise up our humble entreaties: accept them, O Most Good Lord, and condescend to our infirmities, and remember not our sins, and turn away from us the threat of recompense for our sins;

O Thou Who by Thy Most Precious Blood hast renewed our fallen nature, O Lord Jesus Christ our Saviour, renew even us who are in the corruption of sins, and console our hearts with the joy of Thine all-encompassing forgiveness. With cries of lamentation and unending tears of repentance we fall down at the feet of Thy Divine loving-kindness: by Thy grace cleanse us all, O our God, from all unrighteous acts, all the iniquities of our life, so that in the holiness of Thy Love for mankind we may praise Thine all-holy name, together with the Father and the Most Good and Life-giving Spirit, now and ever, and unto the ages of ages. Amen.

Prayer to the Most Holy Lady Theotokos

Open unto us the door of Thy loving kindness, O Blessed Theotokos, so that hoping in Thee we may not perish, but through Thee may be delivered from adversities, for Thou art the salvation of the Christian race. Rejoice, O Thou Only Most Pure Mother of our Only Creator, our Lord and God and Saviour Jesus Christ!

Be for me an intercessor at the dreadful Day of Judgement, when I shall stand before the throne of the Impartial Judge, that by Thy prayers I may be delivered from the threat of fiery torment, O Only Blessed One.

O Most Holy Theotokos, save us! (with Prostrations)

Prayer of a Believing Mother

to the Compassionate Lord for those souls whose death she has consciously caused while they were still in her womb

Remember, O Lord, Who lovest mankind, the souls of Thy departed servants – the infants who died in the wombs of Orthodox mothers, whether in an unforeseen manner from accidental effects, or from a difficult birth, or from some heedlessness, or because they were consciously destroyed – and who therefore did not receive Holy Baptism.

Baptize them, O Lord, in the ocean of Thy compassion, and save them by Thine ineffable grace; and forgive me a sinner who have committed the slaying of an infant in my womb, and deprive me not of Thy mercy. (Prostration)

O Lord, seeing my faith and tears, have mercy on my children who have died in my womb; for the sake of  Thy loving-kindess, O Lord, deprive them not of Thy Divine Light.

(To be prayed throughout all of one’s life.)

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