Ode Nine

Kontakion 9

Grant me streams of tears, O my God, that I may weep over my sins, and thus rejoicing may cry out: Alleluia.

Ikos 9

I have defiled my body with sinful secrets, I have darkened my soul with indecent acts; my body is enfeebled, enfeebled also is my soul. Falling down before Thee Who alone rememberest not wrongs, my merciful Judge and God, I pray Thee:

Have mercy on me, a murderer: for the remembrance of the fate of my aborted children brings me fear and trembling and unspeakable astonishment-how Thou, O merciful Lord and most righteous Judge, dost continue to endure me and do good to me, an inhabitant of hell, even up to this very day and hour, awaiting my repentance.
Have mercy on me who more than once have promised to amend, but again returned to sins as a dog to its vomit.
Have mercy on me who have committed a number of murders.
Have mercy on me for without the fear of God or maternal love for children but with the fury of a wild beast have I torn apart my children.
Have mercy on me for of mine own free will have I committed my sins.
Have mercy on me who have defiled my spirit with foul thoughts.
Have mercy on me for I have led a sinful life even to this very day.
O Lord, my Lord, my joy, have mercy on me who am fallen.