Ode Eight

Kontakion 8

Spare me, O Lord my Saviour, O Thou Who came into the world to save sinners of whom I am worst of all, but I entreat Thee, O my All-compassionate God, incline Thy heart of mercy, hearken to the groanings of my heart, accept my flowing springs of tears, the fervent prayers of my soul, O my beloved Saviour, so that I may sing to Thee: Alleluia.

Ikos 8

Evil thoughts like robbers attacked me while my conscience slept-woe is me! for my sins I have been deprived of the radiant vesture given me at my Baptism. I committed the murder of my children and have remained stripped of virtue, but I try hard to raise mine eyes on high-cast down because of the multitude of the cruel deeds committed before Thee, O Lord-and I cry out thus to Thee:

Have mercy on me who have committed a mortal sin.
Have mercy on me who up till now have persisted in sins.
Have mercy on me who am filled with every kind of evil.
Have mercy on me who am stained with iniquities contrary to nature.
Have mercy on me who have not preserved the purity of my virginity.
Have mercy on me for I have deprived myself of pious motherhood.
Have mercy on me who have cast my children out of the womb before the fullness of their time.
O Lord, my Lord, my joy, have mercy on me who am fallen.

Ode Nine

Kontakion 9

Grant me streams of tears, O my God, that I may weep over my sins, and thus rejoicing may cry out: Alleluia.

Ikos 9

I have defiled my body with sinful secrets, I have darkened my soul with indecent acts; my body is enfeebled, enfeebled also is my soul. Falling down before Thee Who alone rememberest not wrongs, my merciful Judge and God, I pray Thee:

Have mercy on me, a murderer: for the remembrance of the fate of my aborted children brings me fear and trembling and unspeakable astonishment-how Thou, O merciful Lord and most righteous Judge, dost continue to endure me and do good to me, an inhabitant of hell, even up to this very day and hour, awaiting my repentance.
Have mercy on me who more than once have promised to amend, but again returned to sins as a dog to its vomit.
Have mercy on me who have committed a number of murders.
Have mercy on me for without the fear of God or maternal love for children but with the fury of a wild beast have I torn apart my children.
Have mercy on me for of mine own free will have I committed my sins.
Have mercy on me who have defiled my spirit with foul thoughts.
Have mercy on me for I have led a sinful life even to this very day.
O Lord, my Lord, my joy, have mercy on me who am fallen.

Ode Ten

Kontakion 10

I have been wounded by the seductive charm of this world and have bent my knees before it, having chosen the ruinous path of its disgusting law, having forgotten my baptismal vows; and committing trespasses one after the other, doing whatever the world whispered to me, I ultimately reached the very peak of mortal sins: the murder of children. But, O Father, open to me Thine embrace, O my God, hasten, so that at least before my end I may offer Thee a sacrifice of praise, exclaiming: Alleluia.

Ikos 10

Robbers, murderers, thieves, and all unrepentant sinners shall not inherit the kingdom of God. And by every unrighteousness and all detestable sins have I defiled my body and soul; because of this misery of my soul, falling down before Thee I cry:

Have mercy on me who was born in the New Testament and Thy grace-filled Kingdom.
Have mercy on me who was received into the Church fashioned by Thee.
Have mercy on me who was sealed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
Have mercy on me who was nourished by Thy most Pure Body and Thy Life-giving Blood.
Have mercy on me who was baptized in Christ and clothed in Christ.
Have mercy on me who cast away all these benefactions and chose a life of sin.
O Lord, my Lord, my joy, have mercy on me who am fallen.

Ode Eleven

Kontakion 11

Grant me a spirit of chastity, O Lord and Master of my life, for from my youth have I been bereft of virtue, have I enslaved myself to passions: I have defiled my spirit and soul and have corrupted my body. O God of mercies and compassion! Disdain not to cleanse me, a detestable sinner-I am Thy creature, have mercy on me, and purify me from all defilement of flesh and spirit, and vouchsafe me to sing to Thee with boldness: Alleluia.

Ikos 11

Reject not, O Lord, the hope of my heart which trusts in Thee; and put me not to shame before angels and men at Thy Just and Dread Judgement. Judge me not then according to my deeds, but according to Thy mercy forgive all my sins as I cry to Thee:

Have mercy on me who have an unclean heart.
Have mercy on me who am taken captive by demonic captivity.
Have mercy on me who was born in sins, washed clean by Baptism, and again like a swine, have fallen into iniquity.
Have mercy on me who bear the fetid sores of my soul’s fall into sin.
Have mercy on me who from my grievous and mortal falls have fallen into despondency and despair.
Have mercy on me who have committed every sin and deserve every punishment.
Have mercy on me, O my Creator, and receive me in repentance who am fallen.
O Lord, my Lord, my joy, have mercy on me who am fallen.

Ode Twelve

Kontakion 12

With the breadth of Thy love, O my God, cover all the sins of my transgressions, accepting my repentance, so that in love for Thee I may ever cry: Alleluia.

Ikos 12

I have passed my youth in senselessness and wasted all my life in sins, in slothfulness and disregard of repentance; but mine old age, through fear of death and Thine inescapable Judgement, has brought me to repentance. Reject me not, O my Saviour, who even at the eleventh hour have come to Thy Fatherly embrace, crying out in repentance:

Have mercy on me, for the blood of mine innocent children cries to Thee, bearing witness to my having slain them.
Have mercy on me, O my God Triune in Nature; have mercy on me, O Lord Who art most wondrous in compassion.
Have mercy on me, O Master, Who art longsuffering concerning our transgressions.
Have mercy on me, O Holy King, Who healest our infirmities.
Have mercy on me, O Thou Who art abundant in love, Who with Thy love warmest even despairing sinners.
Have mercy on me, O Almighty, Who hast borne our infirmities.
O Lord, my Lord, my joy, have mercy on me, who am fallen.

Ode Thirteen

Kontakion 13

The sign of the Son of Man, the Most Precious and Life-giving Cross, shall appear in the heavens on that day of the terrible Second Coming of the Son of God, the Judge of the living and the dead. Then shall all the tribes of the the earth begin to weep. O Jesus Christ, our Saviour and Judge, and King of all! Grant me before that day tears of repentance, that I may more fervently weep over my evil deeds and destructive actions by which I have befouled my soul and bitterly offended Thy Most Pure Blood of Thy Testament! So that thus, together with the angels and all the saints and righteous ones I may then sing to Thee: Alleluia. (Repeat three times)

(And again, Ikos 1 and Kontakion 1)


First Prayer

O Master, Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God! Who out of Thy most great goodness, for the sake of us men and for our salvation, hast been clothed in flesh and been crucified and buried, and Who by Thy Blood has renewed our nature which had become corrupt: receive my repentance for my sins and hear my words: I have sinned, O Lord, against heaven and before Thee, in word and deed, in soul and body, and in the thoughts of my mind; I have transgressed Thy Commandments, I have not obeyed Thine injunction, I have angered Thy goodness, O my God; but because I am Thy creation I despair not of salvation and dare to draw near to Thy boundless compassion and pray to Thee: O Lord! Grant me in repentance a contrite heart, receive me as I pray and grant me a good thought; grant me the resolve to confess my sins, grant me tears of compunction, O Lord; grant me by Thy grace to make a good beginning. Have mercy on me, O God, have mercy on me who am fallen, and remember me, Thy sinful servant, in Thy Kingdom, now and ever and unto the ages of ages. Amen.

Another Prayer

O God, O Christ Jesus Most Compassionate, O Redeemer of sinners: for the salvation of mankind Thou, O All-merciful One, didst leave the all-glorious heavens and come to dwell in this vale of sorrows and many sins; Thou didst take upon Thy Divine shoulders our weaknesses and didst bear our infirmities; Thou, O Holy Sufferer, wast wounded for our sins and tortured for our transgressions; therefore, to Thee, O Lover of mankind, even we raise up our humble entreaties: accept them, O Most Good Lord, and condescend to our infirmities, and remember not our sins, and turn away from us the threat of recompense for our sins;

O Thou Who by Thy Most Precious Blood hast renewed our fallen nature, O Lord Jesus Christ our Saviour, renew even us who are in the corruption of sins, and console our hearts with the joy of Thine all-encompassing forgiveness. With cries of lamentation and unending tears of repentance we fall down at the feet of Thy Divine loving-kindness: by Thy grace cleanse us all, O our God, from all unrighteous acts, all the iniquities of our life, so that in the holiness of Thy Love for mankind we may praise Thine all-holy name, together with the Father and the Most Good and Life-giving Spirit, now and ever, and unto the ages of ages. Amen.

Prayer to the Most Holy Lady Theotokos

Open unto us the door of Thy loving kindness, O Blessed Theotokos, so that hoping in Thee we may not perish, but through Thee may be delivered from adversities, for Thou art the salvation of the Christian race. Rejoice, O Thou Only Most Pure Mother of our Only Creator, our Lord and God and Saviour Jesus Christ!

Be for me an intercessor at the dreadful Day of Judgement, when I shall stand before the throne of the Impartial Judge, that by Thy prayers I may be delivered from the threat of fiery torment, O Only Blessed One.

O Most Holy Theotokos, save us! (with Prostrations)

Prayer of a Believing Mother

to the Compassionate Lord for those souls whose death she has consciously caused while they were still in her womb

Remember, O Lord, Who lovest mankind, the souls of Thy departed servants – the infants who died in the wombs of Orthodox mothers, whether in an unforeseen manner from accidental effects, or from a difficult birth, or from some heedlessness, or because they were consciously destroyed – and who therefore did not receive Holy Baptism.

Baptize them, O Lord, in the ocean of Thy compassion, and save them by Thine ineffable grace; and forgive me a sinner who have committed the slaying of an infant in my womb, and deprive me not of Thy mercy. (Prostration)

O Lord, seeing my faith and tears, have mercy on my children who have died in my womb; for the sake of  Thy loving-kindess, O Lord, deprive them not of Thy Divine Light.

(To be prayed throughout all of one’s life.)

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